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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 - Mazda
2020 Mazda CX-3 USA Engine Specs & Trims

2020 Mazda CX-3 | In the variegated world of crossover (or B-SUV) the Mazda CX-3 represented an excellent alternative in the market, joining a personal line with very complete equipment and space on board for the whole family. And in the second half of 2018, about three years after its launch, Hiroshima’s house decided to update it in many ways. The main one is the engine: instead of the 1.5 D ( here our test ) now finds a more full-bodied and powerful 1.8-liter diesel, with the promise not to alter the data on consumption. We tried it with the richest Exceed equipment, combined with the automatic transmission.

2020 Mazda CX-3 Redesign Exterior – Minor Changes

Starting immediately with the talk of size, the Mazda CX-3 has neither added nor removed a single millimeter in any of its parts: 4.28 meters long, 1.53 meters tall and 1.77 meters wide. In spite of the crossover nature, it led to its being raised, the designers managed to create an elegant horizontal harmony that brought the CX-3, in the tail, to be almost a coupe.

2020 Mazda CX-3 USA Model Availability

The merit goes undoubtedly to the first “philosophy” of the Japanese house, namely the Kodo Design: simple lines that emphasize the car body undoubtedly find in the Soul Red paint an elegant dress that can be very well worn in the city streets or in the extra-urban ones. A touch that we would dare to define glamor when combined with the revised front grille and the glossy black inserts of the bumper, as well as on the side area.

There are also new finishes on the fog lights and on the side windows area to accentuate the car’s fundamental characteristics. The full-led headlights also make their debut on the rear light units, which did not alter the aggressive design of the pre-restyling in any way.

The alloy wheels for the Exceed version of our test are in a new 18-inch design with a rather low shoulder. Basically, this B-SUV arises with an excellent business card to a large clientele, combining the good taste of refinement with that of sportiness that does not hurt at all in this case. A light refinement, arrived after about three years from the launch of this model, which allows the CX-3 to be personal but without excess, as we Europeans like it.

2020 Mazda CX-3 Redesign and Changes


Even the interior remained almost unchanged, at first glance. The dashboard, in particular, has no changes. The instrument cluster remains divided between the digital and analog (lap/engine), with a good reading in every condition we tested. The display at the 7-inch center remains in touch control only when the vehicle while in motion is operated by the wheel positioned on the tunnel, convenient but not always very fast in response.

The infotainment system is generally good but in the graphics slightly affected by the years, although now on the 2020 Mazda CX-3 it is possible to have the cable connection Android Auto – Apple CarPlay. Moving on to comfort, a new technology in terms of materials for the seat was used, which is now much more comfortable. In addition, the fabrics, tires, and plastics have been revised and improved both as regards the touch and the quality of assembly, already excellent.

Examples are the increase in the internal thickness of two millimeters and the use of urethane in the door junctions. There is a little more space for objects now, as the handbrake lever has left room for the button to engage it with a simple click. This allowed having a central arm that raises and reveals a rather deep well and covered on the bottom, useful for storing objects that you want to keep away from prying eyes.

Behind the livability remains good for two adults, while the fifth central place is more suitable for a child, Unchanged Trunk compartment: starts at 350 liters and reaches 1,260 with the second row completely knocked down.

The threshold of the load in the meanwhile the mouth is not really regular being rounded on the sides. However, four medium-sized soft bags go smoothly if you organize a weekend for four people.

New Improvement

The Jinba Ittai this time we will devote more to mechanical improvement, more than the interior. Mazda’s philosophy that can be translated as “synergy between horse and rider” has always proved to be effective and tends to improve every aspect possible to make drivers and passengers feel comfortable and safe.

The shock absorbers have been revised (the front ones are now larger) and a less rigid anti-roll bar has been installed, as well as an update of the G-Vectoring Control (GVC) system. The result compared to the CX-3 pre-upgrade is felt, especially in the mixed: the height from the ground is not too much feeling in the lateral lining and a guide with a sporty dash does not hurt. In the city, the absorption of bumps and potholes has improved, especially for those sitting behind. Remaining in the urban environment the turning radius is reconfirmed, even if a half turn more than a steering wheel is perceived when precision is required.

The rest is based on the technology, with the sensor system combined with the rear camera, which always provides very clear images on the central display. During long motorway journeys, the high level of soundproofing makes it pleasant to travel and the large 18-inch wheels offer excellent smoothness.

Here too, electronic aid is excellent allied with the i-Activsense Technology package: you have HUD screen above the steering wheel (contains information such as speed, limits and track width), adaptive cruise control, roadway control, advanced intelligent braking in the city and adaptive LED headlights.

The automatic transmission can be managed manually via small pallets behind the crown, but it is not the fastest in the grafts. Excellent in traffic situations but not essential as an option, since it has a series of reliable and smooth 6-speed manual transmission. Substantially the most uncomfortable in comfort on the Mazda CX-3 were second-row passengers, but now the engineers have also solved this flaw.

2020 Mazda CX-3 Specs

The real novelty of the 2020 Mazda CX-3 remains, without doubt, the engines. The Japanese company, contrary to other brands – European and now – continues to focus on the diesel and in this case on the new SkyActiv-D 1.8 liters. The available power is 115 part 4000 rpm and the torque is 270 Nm at 1600 rpm. In one shot the 1.5 D from 105 HP and the 2.2 D were retired.

Without a doubt, for sales volumes, the 1759 cc was designed to improve the smallest of the two mentioned above and succeeded. Slightly noisier – but only in the ignition phase – it offers maximum silence, especially at motorway speeds close to 130 km/h, aided by the patented Mazda “Natural Sound Smoother” and “Natural Sound Frequency Control” systems. Combined with the 6-speed automatic, it offers the maximum starting point if the accelerator pedal goes beyond the “kick-down” point (a ‘click’ on the foot is felt), however the unchanged torque compared to 1.5 D makes lack of extension as one would expect.

Not bad, however, the response of the turbocharger,1261 kg makes the CX-3 1.8D quite snappy, especially with the lower gears. In the configuration we tested the traction was front with 215/50 tires, but if you go through more difficult roads, the choice undoubtedly falls on the alternative AWD, which can be combined with both manual and automatic. Turning instead to the petrol engines, the Casa offers a 2.0 liter with two declinations of power: 121 or 150 hp. A valid alternative if you are extremely worried about future traffic blockages (diesel is still 6d-Temp approved, so worries are minimal) or you travel a few kilometers a year – and mainly in the city.


As written in the preview of our road test, the renewed New Mazda CX-3 is for those looking for a complete C-segment crossover in every respect. The Kodo Design guarantees a personal line and internally does not refer too much to space, where only the highest could be affected if seated behind. The complete equipment, especially with Exceed set-up, manages to obscure far more noble and expensive rivals, as well as consumption. Traveling in four and at full load, we recorded a figure of 6.5 liters / 100 km (15.4 km / l), with a “best” close to 20 km / l in the combined (so not too far from 4, 9l / 100 km declared by Mazda). In addition, the 1.8 D meets the Euro 6d-Tempregulationstherefore, it will hardly be hit by traffic blocks or similar problems.

The prices of the Mazda CX-3 start at € 21,470 for petrol engines and € 23,070 for diesel. The model of our test, with the most extensive set up of those proposed (Exceed), is close to 28 thousand euros. Figures more than in line with what is offered and above all very inviting, if we consider the fierce competition in the segment of the so-called crossover.

New Mazda CX-3 Facelift Review – More Balance | 1.8 Diesel 2019/2020 Pictures

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