2020 Skoda Scala Review – Specs, Interior, Fuel Economy

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 - Skoda
2020 Skoda Scala Price in India

2020 Skoda Scala Review | The five-door compact sedan (woe to call it a station wagon) that will try to blow the place in the market. It should be noted that reservations are already open.

We have already talked in depth about the engines of the 2020 Skoda Scala, its technology and fittings in this article but now it is time to see how the newcomer in the road test behaves.

2020 Skoda Scala Interior Images

2020 Skoda Scala Interior & trunk

First of all, we must remember that the 2020 Skoda Scala was developed on the MQB platform used by the Volkswagen Polo. Small for you, you can think. But no, Skoda engineers have done a great job to adapt the platform to the dimensions of the Scala (4.36 meters long, 1.79 meters wide and 1.47 meters high) without penalizing it in terms of load capacity and comfort. board. On the rear bench of the Scala, you are comfortable even in three and the trunk is large and allows you to load luggage for 467 liters, in standard configuration, or 1,410 liters folding the rear seats.

The road test

But let’s get down to it, we wondered how to drive the 2020 Skoda Scala, right? Well, we can tell you that you drive well. What obviousness, you will think!  Not enough for you? Then I add that it has good driving dynamics, especially in the fastest and extra-urban roads. La Scala can be engaged without problems in some fast bends but be careful not to overdo it otherwise the understeer will knock you on the window. If you really are pilots and your DNA exudes sportiness, don’t despair. You can always opt for the use of electronic damper adjustment selecting the sporty driving mode that lowers the trim by 15 mm, stiffening the suspension, making the steering communicative and reactive but also harder.

Top technology and Safety Equipment

His ‘favorite playground’ is the tourist trip or the staidest guide in the city. I must say that it is a pleasant companion even on the highway where the  Side Assistant will be our lucky star. What is that?  It is a ‘guardian angel’ that monitors the blind corner, up to 70 meters behind us, and warns those driving the arrival of a vehicle. The Side Assistant system also integrates the Rear Traffic Alert that monitors cross traffic during reverse, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system that allows you to set a preset speed and actively maintain the safe distance from the vehicle in front (operating until speed of 210 km / h), the Lane Assistant for the active maintenance of the driving lane and the Front Assistant with emergency braking function. All these driving aids are part of the standard equipment. In option is available Parking Assistant system helps the driver when parking in a longitudinal or transverse space. In short, if we talk about security, we are right.

2020 Skoda Scala Specifications

2020 Skoda Scala Engine and fuel consumption

For our test drive, we chose the 2020 Skoda Scala equipped with the 1.0 TSI engine with 115 bhp and 200 Nm which on the road gave me a feeling of smooth driving. The couple is not to tear their hair nor is it able to keep us glued to the seat, but still allows us to engage in some Garibaldian departure at the traffic lights. Overtaking is not a problem for the 1.0 TSI but to get a good boost it is almost always necessary to shift down to keep the engine ‘cheerful’ and ‘up’. Chapter noise level: the motor is silent and can only be heard when we press hard on the gas pedal. Finally, not to mention consumption. In our road test, we traveled both urban, extra-urban and a bit of motorway, recording an average consumption of 7.5 liters per 100 km to the onboard computer.


2020 Skoda Scala Review – Specs, Interior, Fuel Economy Pictures

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