2020 Tesla Model Y: Electric SUV Specs, Release Date & Price

Sunday, March 17th, 2019 - Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Autonomy

The 2020 Tesla Model Y, electric crossover of the Californian brand, presents itself to the world with a design similar to Model 3, with which it is closely related. It will be on the market in autumn 2020, with prices from $ 39,000.

A few hours ago in the Design Studio of Palo Alto, California, the Tesla Model Y was officially presented. Elon Musk, founder and president of Tesla, has revealed to the world the new and expected compact electric SUV, also announcing its prices and release date.

2020 Tesla Model Y Price in USA

The design of the Model Y, apart from the proportions and the SUV setting, takes up that of the Model 3. To diversify the two models, in addition to the height, is in particular the front bumper giving distinctiveness to a front that proposes a lot of optical groups similar to those of the Tesla sedan. The same goes for the rear, with almost identical headlights and the bumper to emphasize the differentiation: on the Model Y this proposes plastic protection for the off-road that extends on the lower part of the car.

2020 Tesla Model Y Interior – It will also be seven seats

The interior of the Tesla Model Y does not present particular novelties with respect to the cockpit of the Model 3, with the presence of the large central 15-inch display. Thanks to the higher roof and the rear configuration, the Model Y can also have seven seats with the three-row seating layout. The price of the seven seats is $ 3,000 above the five seats. The new SUV offers 18-inch alloy wheels as standard, with the 19-inch Sport wheels available as an option. Options include the premium white interior, the Autopilot and the Full Self Driving Capability. There are five body colors available: Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Red Multi-Coat.

2020 Tesla Model Y Release Date & Availability

The Tesla Model Y is a direct derivation of the Model 3, of which it will also reproduce the composition of the range. The new crossover will be on the market in the rear-wheel drive and Dual Motor versions with all-wheel drive. Instead, there will be four outfits available, but not all of them immediately: Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD and Performance. The first variant to be launched, as happened for the Model 3, will be the Long Range, while later the entry-level version will arrive. The Tesla Model Y will debut on the market in the autumn of 2020, while in the spring of 2021 the Standard Range entry variant will debut.

2020 Tesla Model Y Autonomy

Price & Configuration

Prices have also been announced for Model Y. The list of Tesla’s new electric SUV will start at $39,000 for the Standard Range version or $ 4,000 more than the Model 3. Prices go up to $ 47,000 for the 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range, to $ 51,000 for the Dual Motor AWD and to $ 60,000 for the top of the range Performance.


The Tesla Model Y will be able to offer a range that goes 370 kilometers of the Standard Range to the 450 of the Dual Motor AWD and Performance variants, up to 483 kilometers with a single charge of the Long Range. As for performance, despite the different sizes and weights, these will be very similar to those of the Model 3. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h of the Model Y ranges from 5.9 seconds of the entry version to 3, 5 of the four-wheel drive Performance, while the top speed is between 193 km / h of the entry-level and the 240 km / h of the Performance with four-wheel drive.

The 2020 Tesla Model Y will be produced at the Fremont Tesla plant, on the same line as the Model 3. The Californian company aims to make the Model Y a best-seller as shown by the words spoken by Musk who stated: “I think we will sell more Model Y that Model 3, S and X put together ”.

2020 Tesla Model Y: Electric SUV Specs, Release Date & Price Pictures

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