Ford F-150 EV: Most Anticipated Electric Pick-Up Truck

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 - Ford
2020 Ford F-150 EV Release Date

Ford also brings the electric vehicle to the impressive boxed vehicle. The Ford F-150 EV was photographed for the first time during road tests. The prototype of the Blue Oval camouflage-coated pick-up mounts the fake exhaust pipe, the battery pack below the cab and moves silently.

The Ford F-150 EV, an electric version of the impressive American pick-up, was immortalized in spy photos on the road during some tests. The images show us the new model on which the Blue Oval is about to introduce the power supply, pursuing the announced electrification strategy that will gradually involve the entire range of the manufacturer, coming to touch unexpected models like the Mustang and now precisely the F-150 pick-up.

2020 Ford F-150 EV Specs

The electric Ford F-150 was spotted for the first time, with the lines of the mighty and voluminous pickup of the North American House covered in the classic camouflage. The attempt by the Ovale technicians to avoid attracting prying eyes on the vehicle by fitting a fake rear exhaust pipe on this prototype of the Ford F-150 was worth nothing.

In addition to the fictitious exhaust on the tail, the Ford F-150 EV differs from the endothermic combustion variant also for other elements such as the trim raised above the ground and the presence of the battery pack that can be seen under the pick-up cabin. To confirm the fact that it is the electric Ford F-150, as can be seen from the short spy video above, there is also its absolute silence while it is in motion, demonstrating the absence of a petrol or diesel engine definitely noisier.

Ford F-150 EV Release Date

While the Ford F-150 EV continues testing, waiting for a debut that does not seem to be particularly far in the time, for the moment no rumors have emerged about the most important aspect or the technical characteristics of the electric motor that will be used. Thus, the power, capacity of the battery pack and the autonomy of the electric Ford F-150 are still a mystery.

2020 Ford F-150 EV Release Date

Ford F-150 EV: Most Anticipated Electric Pick-Up Truck Pictures

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